#2039 norsk skogfinsk museum

proposal for a new museum in svullrya

motto : markens grode
team : david tapias, sebastiá martorell, ernest bordoy, carlos gonzalvo
client: museumbygg norsk skogfinsk museum

#2035 perpetual uncertainty : malmo konstmuseum

“(…) The Nuclear Culture Roundtable on Memory and Future of radioactive deep time, will be hosted by Malmo Konstmuseum in partnership with Linnaeus University on Friday 4th May. The roundtable will discuss questions such as: Can we think of radioactive artefacts and landscapes as future nuclear heritage? How are nuclear sites being decommissioned and preserved in ways which maintain particular narratives about our nuclear culture? What kind of nuclear memories do we want to pass on to future generations? How can we speculate on our future archeology? Speakers will include: Cornelius Holtorf and Anders Hoberg (Sweden), Yelena Popova (UK/Russia), Juan Fernando Ródenas García and Carlos Gonzalvo Salas (Spain), Anna Storm (Sweden). The day will be chaired by curator Ele Carpenter. The presentations and round table will be held in English. Please see the museum website for booking details nearer the time(…)” – Ele Carpenter

date : 4 may / 10:00 – 18:00
place : malmo konstmuseum / malmo, sweden
organizer : artscatalyst

#1999 santa caterina civic centre

proposal for a new civic centre and dwellings in barcelona

motto : passatje del lledoner
team : david tapias, sebastiá martorell, anna castellá, carlos gonzalvo
client: bimsa
position : 3 prize

#1946 europan 14 trelleborg

proposal for the trelleborg’s port reconversion into housing masterplan

motto : productive courtyards
team : anna puig, mireia pla, carlos gonzalvo
client: europan, city of trelleborg

#1943 underground overground roundtable

roundtable on art and radioactive waste storage in belgium.

date : 17 november / 15:00
place : z33research.be / hasselt, belgium
organizer : artscatalyst
photo : bert stephani, 2017 © niras