#1946 europan 14 trelleborg

proposal for the trelleborg’s port reconversion into housing masterplan

motto : productive courtyards
team : anna puig, mireia pla, carlos gonzalvo
client: europan, city of trelleborg

#1943 underground overground roundtable

roundtable on art and radioactive waste storage in belgium.

date : 17 november / 15:00
place : z33research.be / hasselt, belgium
organizer : artscatalyst
photo : bert stephani, 2017 © niras

#1889 casa bloc

proposal for the reconversion of 40 apartments in “casa bloc” barcelona

motto : plug-in
team : juan fernando ródenas, carlos gonzalvo
client: habitat3

#1866 llubi kindergarten

aixopluc + aulets were awarded with the first prize at llubi kindergarten.

motto : embat
team : david tapias, ricard pau, sebastià martorell, carlos gonzalvo


#1852 castle resort

our team has been awarded with an honourable mention in the ‘castle resort’ competition organized by yac.

motto : tiptoe through the landscape
team : anna puig, mireia pla, carlos gonzalvo
client: yac